formulations designed for specific applicationsAt Dynaloy, it all begins with application requirements. All our formulations are designed to suit the specifications of our customers’ applications, not the other way around.

Use the chart below to search for products by desired application.

Process Materials Removed  
Electroplated Solder Bump – Photoresist Strip Negative Liquid Photoresist 
Positive Photoresist 
Negative Dry Film Photoresist 
Cu Pillar – Photoresist Strip Positive Photoresist 
Negative Liquid Photoresist 
Negative Dry Film Photoresist 
TSV Clean – DRIE Post Etch Residue Removal Post Etch Residue 
RDL – Photoresist Removal Positive Photoresist 
Post Reflow Flux Removal Flux 
Post Bosch Etch Residue Removal (DRIE PERR) Post Etch Residue 
General Photoresist Removal Positive Photoresist 
Temporary Bonding Adhesive Removal Silicone Adhesive 
Passivation Rework Polyimide 
Photoresist Removal Negative Cyclized Resist 
Conformal Coating Removers Acrylic conformal coating removal 
Epoxy conformal coating removal 
Silicone conformal coating removal 
Urethane conformal coating removal 
Potting and Encapsulation Removers Silicone potting and encapsulation removal 
Acrylic potting and encapsulation removal 
Epoxy potting and encapsulation removal 
Urethane potting and encapsulation removal 
Epoxy Products Cured epoxy removal 
Uncured epoxy removal 
Urethane Products Cured urethane flushing/removal/cleaning 
Uncured urethane flushing/removal/cleaning 
Crystallized Isocyanate 
Liquid Isocyanate 
Equipment storage fluid 
Polymer flushing 
Silicone Products Cured silicone removal 
Uncured silicone removal 
Industrial Products Adhesive removal 
Polyimide removal 
Mold cleaning